Hey there!

Hi. I'm Jack Brown and this is my website portfolio. Looking for my resume?


Hackathon Veteran

I've won six prizes after attending ten hackathons. Just take a look at my devpost. I've also solved the hackMIT puzzle (2016, 2017) twice - one of the first 50 solvers both times.


No CS Major

Starting from age twelve, I've been teaching myself how to program with the help of Stack Overflow, various documentation, and originally, YouTube. I have never taken a programming class, instead, I prove my talent to companies with the help of hackathons.



I'm currently a second year software engineer intern at Nasdaq. Read a short bio of my first summer's work in my resume.

My Favorite Hackathon Projects

Please feel free to reach out to me here if you would like to see any full, private repository (including hackathon projects).